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Oral VS IV: What’s The Best Way To Get Your Vitamins?

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    Oral VS IV: What’s The Best Way To Get Your Vitamins?

    Vitamins are needed to sustain life, normal body functions, and growth. Many of our vitamins we source from our food and other substances because our bodies cannot naturally produce them.

    Vitamin deficiencies are more common than not; it may be because of some diseases, nutrition, or their body might not produce the necessary amounts. These deficiencies can cause serious health issues and diseases that could have long term effects.

    Reasons to keep up on your vitamin intake? Some people want to go on trips to unexplored places and want to stay healthy and protected. Some people who practice sports or want to improve their physique by working out, also love their vitamins. Regardless of their reasons, many people want to increase their vitamin intake, and there’s nothing wrong with it (quite the contrary!).

    The traditional method is to get them from oral supplements, but there’s a new trend that’s looking to improve the way we take them. That’s what you’re learning about today.

    IV Vitamin Infusions

    The trend I mentioned is Intravenous Vitamin Infusions which are administered directly into your bloodstream. This method is not a new concept, in fact, it’s the first act a nurse takes in a hospital setting to have direct access. IV Therapy Clinics are taking this same practice out of a hospital setting and allowing the everyday person to have access to it without a trip to the hospital to spend thousands. This industry is becoming more in demand because of the benefits by receiving your vitamins via bloodstream versus an oral pill or supplement.

    You see, absorption plays a fundamental role when you take vitamins. Your body has a limited ability when it comes to taking the nutrients from what you consume.

    When you eat or take oral supplements, the nutrients have a long way to go. They need to travel through your digestive system. Your gut has to then break them down and separate the elements, and these nutrients need to pass through the intestine walls; there, your cells have to “pick them up.” The amount that they are “picking up” is not the same amount you put into your mouth.

    When you receive an IV Vitamin Drip, you skip that whole process. The vitamins go straight into your bloodstream. This means that you are receiving a 100% of that vitamin and whatever your body does not need it excretes out via urine or defecation.

    They don’t merely act quicker, but you also get to minimize the vitamins lost on the way. Now, you see, there’s a reason why IV’s are better for emergencies, direct access, but why would that mean you have to forego efficiency in other cases? Such as everyday life.

    The Oral Method

    When you take vitamins orally, your body has to work a lot so that they can reach your bloodstream. It’s not just the digestive process; vitamins need individual transporters that take them through the intestinal cells. Usual cells cannot do this.

    These transporters handle different nutrients, and this is where it gets worse.

    You see, that means that the vitamins you take orally have to compete. They have to “get in line” and wait before accessing your bloodstream.

    That results in many vitamins not being absorbed properly. This issue also goes by the name of “bioavailability.” Simplified, your body tends to dispose of those nutrients you don’t take in their optimal form.

    Pills aren’t the optimal form, and you now know why. So, if you wish to increase your vitamin intake, you don’t have to buy more or take a higher dosage. You need to change the way you are receiving them!

    Your Stomach Plays an Important Role

    Your stomach is the main culprit as to why you waste vitamins if you take them orally. You already saw the extensive process vitamins experience, and that’s counting on your stomach being healthy!

    Some conditions can weaken your stomach, and that makes the bioavailability from oral supplements suffer even more. Diseases can damage the intestine lining, and any damage to this part reduces your vitamin absorption.

    Anything your body fails to absorb ends up disposed when you urinate or defecate.

    Now, you may think that vitamins keep you healthy, so you don’t have to worry about diseases messing up your body.

    Well, not quite.

    There’s quite a range of conditions that can mess up your intestinal lining. Stress, certain medications, inflammations, and even smoking and drinking alcohol can add to that damage. As such, you may be wasting vitamins without noticing by sticking to oral vitamins.

    Why Would You Choose IV Over Oral Supplements?

    While they’re less expensive, oral vitamins are much less effective than an IV. At least you know where your money is going. When you take an oral supplement you are only absorbing 20-30% of that vitamin, whereas, with an IV you are absorbing almost 100%.

    Now, you may think, “but it hurts!”. Well, it gets better: you don’t have to take it as often as vitamins. You only need to invest about an hour, and the benefits last for several days!

    Think about that and add up the fact that your body won’t dispose of part of your treatment. The price difference keeps getting smaller the more you consider it.

    Don’t Forget About Hydration!

    Hydration is paramount for our lives. You’re not just keeping discomfort from thirst away; you’re ensuring your body works the way it’s supposed to function.

    Dehydration can cause anything from mild headaches to muscle cramps and even fainting!

    It’s easy to forget about such a basic necessity, but an IV can also help you with that. It does more than delivering those vitamins to your body.

    You see, IV supplements dilute in water. You’re getting as much hydration as nutrients when you do it. The absorption rate of IV fluid is a much higher rate than the absorption you would get from just drinking a bottle of water.

    By getting the vitamins and the water you need, you kill two birds with one stone.

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